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Hot blonde Riley Ray gets nailed hard by her therapist

Riley was trying to play the innocent girl and she definitely had the act down. Those lacy white panties were the sort that good girls wear, but good girls don’t usually get a huge wet spot on them while they’re being massaged. I called her out on it and she laughed and asked if I was ready to fuck her.


Cute redhead Dani Jensen fucked hard by her massage therapist

Dani was a petite little redhead who wandered in the other day. She’s got fantastic tits and some hips that I really wanted to hold on to while I drove my cock balls deep into her wet little slit. I had to talk her into staying for a massage but once I had her on the table things went perfectly.


All natural 18 year old AnnMaire Rios gets fucked hard

Ann Marie came in complaining about the bad day she’d had and saying she really just needed a nice long massage so she could relax. I readily obliged, but as usual my magic hands did their work on her sweet ass little body. Those nipples of hers got so hard they felt like rocks in my mouth.


Big boob Whitney Stevens fucked by her massage therapist

Whitney started moaning loudly when I gave her the massage; she was getting so riled up I was afraid people in the neighborhood were going to think I was hurting her. She got even louder when I pulled her panties down to her knees and slipped my cock inside her, so I had her bite down on a pillow.


Tiny Morgan Layne fucked hard by her massage therapist

Morgan was so cute I really wanted to be able to look her in the eyes while I fucked her, so I quickly brought out the best oils and started to work. She responded immediately; I could see the wet spot on her panties. I told her she might be more comfortable if I took those off, and that was all it took.


Blue eyed blonde Brynn Taylor gets fucked hard

Brynn just turned eighteen and was looking forward to having a relaxing massage. I let her enjoy the sensations of being rubbed down with hot oil for about thirty minutes before I suggested she might want some hard dick inside of her. By then it was all she could think about and she readily agreed.


Naughty blonde Eve Nicholson fucks her massage therapist

Eve had some sweet tats and was wearing some really cute panties. When she walked in I cancelled my next appointment because I knew I was going to want to spend some quality time with her. She was good at everything she did but when I fucked her in the ass it was like reaching heaven.


Beautiful exchange student Nika Noir gets fucked hard

This girl is named Nika and she has got some incredible fucking tits. She was a little standoffish when she first showed up so I started slow and used a lot of oil; once she loosened up a bit she let me tweak those perfect nipples of hers and that got her riled up for more.


Tanned blonde Lilly gets fucked hard by her therapist

Lilly’s perfect little body deserves to be bronzed and worshipped but when she came into my shop I was content to just to be able to touch it! She responded right away and after a little flirty talk she let me take her panties off. From then it was a simple matter of mounting up and diving in.


Booty dancer Jayden Jaymes gets fucked hard

Jayden had never had a massage before so I had to explain to her exactly how it all worked, including the fact that most massage parlors don’t turn up the end and deepthroat their customers like I did to her. She told me if that wasn’t typical then she’d never go anywhere but my studio.