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Natalie and I are going to be meeting up after hours because this perfect piece of ass is just too good to do once and let go. She got really excited during the massage and she makes the best noises when she cums. I blew my load on her face but I want to coat those pretty tits of hers too.


Blue eyed blonde Brynn Taylor gets fucked hard

Brynn just turned eighteen and was looking forward to having a relaxing massage. I let her enjoy the sensations of being rubbed down with hot oil for about thirty minutes before I suggested she might want some hard dick inside of her. By then it was all she could think about and she readily agreed.


18 year old Lexi Belle fucks her massage therapist

Believe it or not, sweet little Lexi here had never sucked a cock until she met me. She’s let plenty of guys go down on her but she was waiting for mister right to return the favor. I talked her into polishing my knob and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She swallowed all I gave her and wanted more!


Blonde Jenny Hendrix gets nailed by massage therapist

Jenny has this thing about seeing how deep a man can go. Thankfully she’s really flexible so it was just a matter of spreading those creamy legs of hers as far as they’d go. Her wet, tight little pussy eagerly accepted my cock and before I knew it I was balls deep in this sweet piece of ass.


Petite Adriana Nevaeh sucks cock on a massage table

Adriana enjoyed her massage so much that she told me she’s going to recommend me to her sister! But it probably wasn’t the massage so much as it was how I expertly put her on her hands and knees and plowed that tight little pussy of hers until she was crying. She told me she’s never cum so hard in her life.


Blonde teen Kacey Jordan gets fucked on a massage table

When I was about halfway through with the massage I casually asked Kacey if she’d ever had a man blow a load on her face before. She said no but she’d always wanted to see what it was like. I offered to take one for the team and help her out and she was more than willing to let me.


Super cute Sammy Cruz gets massaged and fucked

Sammy made some really hot noises during the massage and she made even better ones when I coaxed her into spreading her legs for me. That perfect pussy was quite a sight and it felt like warm velvet when I entered her. It didn’t take long for both of us to lose control and have incredible orgasms.


Super hot Micah Moore strips naked for her massage

Micah thought she was just going to get a relaxing run of the mill massage, but all it took was a little small talk and rubbing the right places and she was suddenly cock crazy. She wanted it so bad that she offered up the use of every hole she’s got. Who’s going to say no to an offer like that?


Ginger Lee strips naked for her massage

As if rubbing this strawberry blonde hottie down with oil wasn’t enough of a treat, she got a little riled up during the session, pulled herself up onto all fours, and begged to be fucked. There isn’t a man on this planet with enough willpower to say no to that, so she got railed good and hard.