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Kagney’s gorgeous platinum blonde hair stole the show when she came in, at least until she took her clothes off and I got to scope out her wonderfully pale petite body. I grabbed her hair during the massage and forced her onto her knees, and she readily raised her ass up into the air. She knew she was going to get fucked hard.


Teen Megan Moore fucked hard by her massage therapist

Megan screamed like a banshee when I pulled her panties and slipped my cock inside her. She wrapped her arms around me tightly and whispered into my ear begging me to make her cum. Turns out her boyfriend ignores her and she hadn’t had a good orgasm in the last year and a half.


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Natalie and I are going to be meeting up after hours because this perfect piece of ass is just too good to do once and let go. She got really excited during the massage and she makes the best noises when she cums. I blew my load on her face but I want to coat those pretty tits of hers too.


Tall blonde Eden Adams comes back for another massage

Eden wasn’t playing any games when she came in for her massage. She told me she wanted me to work her muscles for about 15 minutes and then she wanted me to fuck her. I cancelled my next appointment and pulled out a cock ring; I wanted to be able to stay hard for this slutty little beauty.


Big boob Whitney Stevens fucked by her massage therapist

Whitney started moaning loudly when I gave her the massage; she was getting so riled up I was afraid people in the neighborhood were going to think I was hurting her. She got even louder when I pulled her panties down to her knees and slipped my cock inside her, so I had her bite down on a pillow.


Naughty blonde Eve Nicholson fucks her massage therapist

Eve had some sweet tats and was wearing some really cute panties. When she walked in I cancelled my next appointment because I knew I was going to want to spend some quality time with her. She was good at everything she did but when I fucked her in the ass it was like reaching heaven.


Beautiful exchange student Nika Noir gets fucked hard

This girl is named Nika and she has got some incredible fucking tits. She was a little standoffish when she first showed up so I started slow and used a lot of oil; once she loosened up a bit she let me tweak those perfect nipples of hers and that got her riled up for more.


Booty dancer Jayden Jaymes gets fucked hard

Jayden had never had a massage before so I had to explain to her exactly how it all worked, including the fact that most massage parlors don’t turn up the end and deepthroat their customers like I did to her. She told me if that wasn’t typical then she’d never go anywhere but my studio.


Brunette Rachel Roxxx fucked hard by her massage therapist

This pretty little thing hailed all the way from Texas and it was her last day in town! My heart skipped a beat thinking about how close I came to missing out on fucking this sweet piece of ass. She came in for a massage and I made her last day in Cali an unforgettable one.


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I haven’t seen many girls hotter than Carmen so I got really excited when she came in for a massage. She noticed my erection and asked if there was anything she could do to help me fix it. I asked her if she’d be okay with me filling every hole she’s got and she said it was no problem as long as I finished in her tight asshole.