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Brunette Ashli Orien has her sweet ass massaged

Ashli is super cute and that petite little body of hers makes her look even younger than she is. I was a little afraid I’d break the poor thing when I started fucking her from behind, but she grabbed the side of the table and screamed for me to rail her hard. The customer is always right.


Naughty blonde Eve Nicholson fucks her massage therapist

Eve had some sweet tats and was wearing some really cute panties. When she walked in I cancelled my next appointment because I knew I was going to want to spend some quality time with her. She was good at everything she did but when I fucked her in the ass it was like reaching heaven.


Petite Marissa Mendoza is fucked by her massage therapist

Marissa’s face was so pretty it was almost a shame that I had to put her on her hands and knees, but that ass of hers was amazing too and I had to see how deep inside it I could get. She’d never done anal before but she bit down on a pillow and encouraged me to do everything I could to her.


Brunette teen Deena Daniels fucked hard on massage table

When Deena stripped down for the massage I got a glimpse of that sweet tattoo on her thigh and I just knew I was going to have to kiss it and blow a load on it. She’s the shy type but all it took was a few touches along her thighs and her sweet, tight ass and she started to get nice and wet for me.


18 year old Lexi Belle fucks her massage therapist

Believe it or not, sweet little Lexi here had never sucked a cock until she met me. She’s let plenty of guys go down on her but she was waiting for mister right to return the favor. I talked her into polishing my knob and it was the best decision I’ve ever made. She swallowed all I gave her and wanted more!


Petite Adriana Nevaeh sucks cock on a massage table

Adriana enjoyed her massage so much that she told me she’s going to recommend me to her sister! But it probably wasn’t the massage so much as it was how I expertly put her on her hands and knees and plowed that tight little pussy of hers until she was crying. She told me she’s never cum so hard in her life.


Big boob blonde teen Madison Scott gets fucked hard

Madison Scott has some really great tits and as soon as I saw them I knew I was going to have to blow a load on them. Luckily she doesn’t have a boyfriend at the moment so all it took was a few touches in the right places and she was begging for my cock. I gave her what she wanted and deserved, and her tits were all mine.


Petite 18 year old Marissa Mendoza gets fucked hard

Marissa had that look in her eyes when she walked in the door; you know the one, “I’m a kinky little minx and I’m getting more than a massage today”. I knew it was going to be a fun session, but I didn’t expect her to bare her ass and ask me to spank it. I think a good time was had by all.


18 year old Marina May gets fucked on a massage table

Sometimes fortune favors the bold. When Marina walked in I knew I had to get a piece of her, so before she even laid down on the table I told her I wanted to know what the inside of her ass felt like. She laughed and said if I gave a good massage I’d get to find out. I’m pleased to say I met her expectations!


Ginger Lee strips naked for her massage

As if rubbing this strawberry blonde hottie down with oil wasn’t enough of a treat, she got a little riled up during the session, pulled herself up onto all fours, and begged to be fucked. There isn’t a man on this planet with enough willpower to say no to that, so she got railed good and hard.