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Ann Marie came in complaining about the bad day she’d had and saying she really just needed a nice long massage so she could relax. I readily obliged, but as usual my magic hands did their work on her sweet ass little body. Those nipples of hers got so hard they felt like rocks in my mouth.


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Marissa’s face was so pretty it was almost a shame that I had to put her on her hands and knees, but that ass of hers was amazing too and I had to see how deep inside it I could get. She’d never done anal before but she bit down on a pillow and encouraged me to do everything I could to her.


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Adriana enjoyed her massage so much that she told me she’s going to recommend me to her sister! But it probably wasn’t the massage so much as it was how I expertly put her on her hands and knees and plowed that tight little pussy of hers until she was crying. She told me she’s never cum so hard in her life.


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Sandy came in really tense and in definite need of a massage. But my hands can only relax so many muscles. I suggested that I might be able to give her a more thorough workout if I could use my cock. She grinned that sly, cute grin of hers and eagerly let me mount up. I rode her for hours.


Petite 18 year old Marissa Mendoza gets fucked hard

Marissa had that look in her eyes when she walked in the door; you know the one, “I’m a kinky little minx and I’m getting more than a massage today”. I knew it was going to be a fun session, but I didn’t expect her to bare her ass and ask me to spank it. I think a good time was had by all.