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Tristan is a naughty girl; she came in and said she wanted the massage but what she really wanted was to suck my cock. I told her that’d be fine as long as I could hit her other holes too. She told me I could do whatever I wanted to her but I had to cum in her mouth. Yes ma’am!


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Gorgeous Candice came in for her massage and I knew it was going to be a good day. She was really tense so I actually gave her a long, thorough massage, letting the oils do their thing. Once she was good and relaxed I offered oral sex and she readily agreed. We both had a lot of fun together.


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Stephanie was a looker even before she took her shirt and skirt off. When I saw those sexy black panties she was wearing I made it my mission to fuck her. My oils did their job well; not only did I get to pound every hole this sweet little thing had, I talked her into letting me keep her panties.


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Ann Marie came in complaining about the bad day she’d had and saying she really just needed a nice long massage so she could relax. I readily obliged, but as usual my magic hands did their work on her sweet ass little body. Those nipples of hers got so hard they felt like rocks in my mouth.


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This girl is named Nika and she has got some incredible fucking tits. She was a little standoffish when she first showed up so I started slow and used a lot of oil; once she loosened up a bit she let me tweak those perfect nipples of hers and that got her riled up for more.


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Eden seemed to think that that tiny little thong she was wearing was going to stand up to the relentless assault of my hard cock. I showed her what I was made of and by the time I was done she was covered in cum, exhausted, and wanting to leave me her cell number so I could fuck her again soon.


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I met Madison on Facebook and as you can see she’s so fucking beautiful I just had to try and lure her in for a massage and more. She knew exactly what I was up to and played the reluctant slut for a little while, but once I started touching her she dropped the act and rode my cock for hours and hours.


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Marissa’s face was so pretty it was almost a shame that I had to put her on her hands and knees, but that ass of hers was amazing too and I had to see how deep inside it I could get. She’d never done anal before but she bit down on a pillow and encouraged me to do everything I could to her.