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Gorgeous Candice came in for her massage and I knew it was going to be a good day. She was really tense so I actually gave her a long, thorough massage, letting the oils do their thing. Once she was good and relaxed I offered oral sex and she readily agreed. We both had a lot of fun together.


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Stephanie was a looker even before she took her shirt and skirt off. When I saw those sexy black panties she was wearing I made it my mission to fuck her. My oils did their job well; not only did I get to pound every hole this sweet little thing had, I talked her into letting me keep her panties.


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Ashli is super cute and that petite little body of hers makes her look even younger than she is. I was a little afraid I’d break the poor thing when I started fucking her from behind, but she grabbed the side of the table and screamed for me to rail her hard. The customer is always right.


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Audrianna’s got a tight little body and when she came in for her free massage I knew I had to experience all of her. She told me she had a boyfriend during our small talk but that didn’t stop her grabbing my cock halfway through the massage. Once she did that I knew I had her right where I wanted her.


Tiny Morgan Layne fucked hard by her massage therapist

Morgan was so cute I really wanted to be able to look her in the eyes while I fucked her, so I quickly brought out the best oils and started to work. She responded immediately; I could see the wet spot on her panties. I told her she might be more comfortable if I took those off, and that was all it took.


Super Hot Madison Ivy fucked hard by her massage therapist

I met Madison on Facebook and as you can see she’s so fucking beautiful I just had to try and lure her in for a massage and more. She knew exactly what I was up to and played the reluctant slut for a little while, but once I started touching her she dropped the act and rode my cock for hours and hours.


Petite Marissa Mendoza is fucked by her massage therapist

Marissa’s face was so pretty it was almost a shame that I had to put her on her hands and knees, but that ass of hers was amazing too and I had to see how deep inside it I could get. She’d never done anal before but she bit down on a pillow and encouraged me to do everything I could to her.


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Holly seemed to enjoy showing off her cute little panties and I figured if she liked them so much she could keep them on. I just pulled them out of the way and dove right into her little pussy. It was so tight it was almost painful but I hung on and got the ride of my young life!


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Micah thought she was just going to get a relaxing run of the mill massage, but all it took was a little small talk and rubbing the right places and she was suddenly cock crazy. She wanted it so bad that she offered up the use of every hole she’s got. Who’s going to say no to an offer like that?