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This lovely piece of ass is named Halia and she was so horny when she came in I’d brought her to orgasm three times before I even pulled my cock out of my pants. Once I was put her on her knees and started fucking her from behind she collapsed into a gibbering incoherent mess.


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Teagan’s sexy tattoo made a perfect target for my jizz, but before I could hit the target I had to get permission to fire. I used my best massage oil and worked her muscles with all the skill I could muster. She moaned and told me I could do whatever I wanted as long as I didn’t stop rubbing her.


18 year old brunette Jessica Valentino fucks her therapist

As soon as I saw Jessica’s pretty eyes I knew I was going to have to blow a load on her face. Luckily she’s a horny young thing and was making moves on me before I even got her onto the massage table. She gave me a fantastic blowjob and I unloaded all over her sweet face.


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Holly seemed to enjoy showing off her cute little panties and I figured if she liked them so much she could keep them on. I just pulled them out of the way and dove right into her little pussy. It was so tight it was almost painful but I hung on and got the ride of my young life!


Blonde Jenny Hendrix gets nailed by massage therapist

Jenny has this thing about seeing how deep a man can go. Thankfully she’s really flexible so it was just a matter of spreading those creamy legs of hers as far as they’d go. Her wet, tight little pussy eagerly accepted my cock and before I knew it I was balls deep in this sweet piece of ass.


Petite Adriana Nevaeh sucks cock on a massage table

Adriana enjoyed her massage so much that she told me she’s going to recommend me to her sister! But it probably wasn’t the massage so much as it was how I expertly put her on her hands and knees and plowed that tight little pussy of hers until she was crying. She told me she’s never cum so hard in her life.


Big boob Mindy Main massaged and fucked hard

Mindy had just turned eighteen the day before she came in to see me. I was expecting someone with no experience but it turns out she could suck and fuck with the best of them. I don’t even know how to describe some of the positions we were in, but the result was the same as always: my load all over her pretty face.


18 year old Sandy Sweet fucked hard on massage table

Sandy came in really tense and in definite need of a massage. But my hands can only relax so many muscles. I suggested that I might be able to give her a more thorough workout if I could use my cock. She grinned that sly, cute grin of hers and eagerly let me mount up. I rode her for hours.


Blonde teen Kacey Jordan gets fucked on a massage table

When I was about halfway through with the massage I casually asked Kacey if she’d ever had a man blow a load on her face before. She said no but she’d always wanted to see what it was like. I offered to take one for the team and help her out and she was more than willing to let me.


Super cute Sammy Cruz gets massaged and fucked

Sammy made some really hot noises during the massage and she made even better ones when I coaxed her into spreading her legs for me. That perfect pussy was quite a sight and it felt like warm velvet when I entered her. It didn’t take long for both of us to lose control and have incredible orgasms.